Today’s DIY workshop

Since we were such a small class today, I decided to document for all the people that missed it. It being the glorious world of DIY electronics and Arduino synth kits. Anywho, I’ve got plenty of pictures, so if you want to tell all your friends about that cool things you did in class today, now you have photographic evidence. Enjoy!

DIY is beautiful!


About Jasmine

Jasmine is a Music major in the College of Arts and Sciences. Her hobbies include knitting, gardening, hiking, and reading every one of Tolkien's works. She is a huge fan of the fantasy genre, and it has made a huge impact on her musical tastes. One of her favorite things to research is the music of the so-called 'geek' culture, particularly in fantasy films, MMORPGs and FPS games, which contain some of her favorite music, or are heavily influenced by her favorite composers. When she grows up, she wants to compose music for movies and video games, and she hopes this course will help her learn the ropes.

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