Tyler Tracy Assignment 0

Hello! My name is Tyler and I am a senior studying physics and concentrating in music and acoustics. I spent my summer doing acoustics and noise control consulting at a company called RSG in Vermont. On campus I helped found the Cornell Audio Engineering Society which seeks to give students hands on experience building and working with audio and acoustics technology. I have also taken a bunch of music and sound related courses like the Psychology of Music, Sound Design, Signals and Information, Architectural Acoustics, and Songwriting. I have created music projects in Audacity, Pro Tools, Reaper, and Mathematica. I’ve been playing guitar for six years now and can hold my own on bass and ukulele.

I have been recommended this class by a number of previous students. I am excited to learn how to expand my music production capabilities and become comfortable with a variety of new hardware and software. I am eager to collaborate with others, especially if their strengths align with my weaknesses and vice versa. In my songwriting course our final projects were all live collaborations and I thought it was very beneficial to learn how to collaborate with others when it comes to making music.

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