Zach Anderson

Hi, I’m a senior studying physics (Arts and Sciences).

I’ve played the violin for 12 years, although not particularly frequently since coming to college. I’ve mainly played classical and folk music of various sorts, but I was also in a Jazz band for several years.  I’ve had some additional experience with music theory and composition.  I enjoy listening to most types of music, although I don’t find popular dance music from the past 50 years particularly interesting (with some exceptions).  My computer music experience is rather limited, but I’ve experimented briefly with several open source DAWs, and played around with sound manipulation in a few programming languages.

I don’t have any particular goals in mind for this class, but my interests involve working with unconventional sound sources, incorporating computer use into live performance, and experimenting with homebuilt audio hardware (electronic and acoustic). I’d be happy to collaborate on a variety of projects.

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