1421 Assignment 0 – Tom Middleton

Hey everyone,

My name’s Tom and I’m a senior majoring in electrical and computer engineering and minoring in physics. Music has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I’m really excited to learn the software side of it all in this course. I’ve played guitar for about 11 years and drums for about 8. Throughout high school I played guitar in a punk rock band with friends from school, and after that I started to play drums in a sorta alternative blues rock band called Fuzz Aldrin. 

I’ve tried to record music a handful of times with both bands, but it’s never really panned out well. A couple weeks ago my current band and I recorded our first album which is still unmixed and completely unedited. I’m really excited to learn all the tools I need in this class to finally help take my experience as a musician to a higher level.

I don’t have much experience with producing aside from a handful of acoustic songs on Garageband. I recently got FL Studio but have yet to set aside enough time to learn to use it well. I’m excited about Prof. Ernste’s emphasis on versatility rather than committing to using one program, and I think it’d be fun to collaborate with other students on projects at some point this semester.

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