MUSIC 1421 – Assignment 0

Hi! My name’s Tristan Magloire and I’m a senior majoring in Government. I started venturing into the music industry in 6th grade when I picked up the Alto Sax and my passion has continued since then.

For the last year and a half, I’ve worked at Republic Records as an intern in digital marketing and A&R for Wendy Goldstein (A&R for Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, The Jonas Brothers and others). I’ve also recently began managing a number of signed songwriters, producers, and artists. The reason I decided to join the class was because of the many times that I’ll be in the studio and not have any idea what’s happening. I think I would be much better at my job if I understood the framework of producing and audio engineering. Whether it be helping with mixing or simply improving my listening and creative skills, I’m overall very excited for what I’m about to learn throughout the duration of this class!


Although I don’t play the saxophone anymore, I want to just be more attached to the actual creation of the music that I work with. Additionally, I’m definitely open to collaborating with anyone I think I can create something cool with!

Also… here’s one of the artists I work with:

She’s a songwriter and artist named Bayli…used to be signed to a band called The Skins signed to Republic but were disbanded and she now works as a songwriter signed to Warner Chappell Publishing.

Feel free to DM me on Instagram! … @tristn.psd

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