Ankit Rana – Assignment 0

Hello! My name is Ankit and I am a senior biology major. I played piano for many years when I was younger, but I stopped mid-high school so I no longer remember too much. I also used to play violin and guitar, although neither lasted too long. Now, I mainly listen to electronic and hip hop music, although classical is also an old favorite. For some reason, EDM and hip hop seem to speak to me; while so many others bash these genres for being “silly,” they just make sense to my ear. I find it incredible how these genres can make me (and others) feel all types of emotions – sometimes even without any lyrics! – and I hope to explore that with my own projects. Currently, my favorite artists include Kendrick Lamar, Dillon Francis, and What So Not, although there are WAY too many to name! I love listening to artists as they change their style and tone overtime, exploring new genres. Similarly, I hope to use this class to explore my own creative interests too, and begin to develop a personal “sound”. This class offers me a little escape from the rest of my STEM-heavy schedule, while allowing me to pursue a hobby that I would love to continue in the future. With a strong interest in (but no experience with) DJing, producing with software, and DIY hardware, I am very excited to learn more in this class! I would love to collaborate with others, particularly anyone with vocal or saxophone-playing abilities. See you all in class! 🙂

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