Gabriel Bond – Assignment 0

My name is Gabriel Bond and I’m an economics major pursuing a music minor. In high school, I was given the opportunity to major in music/audio technology which is what lead me here.

I’ve played guitar and the electric bass for the past 8 years and regularly perform with a band called Rest Ashore ( I like to think my taste in music is pretty eclectic, but I would definitely have to call myself a math rock fan (feel free to ask me for examples).

I’ve taken the Sound Design class at Cornell, which in tandem with my experience in high school has left me somewhat versed in pro tools, and I hope to build on my production and audio technology foundations in this class so that I can incorporate a musical vocabulary beyond that of a traditional rock band in the music I create. Playing with the free improv ensemble at Cornell has piqued my interest in breaking out of the conventions most indie/rock artists seem largely confined to. I am, of course, open to collaboration!

I also am the president of Fanclub Collective, a student organization that brings local and out-of-town acts to largely DIY concert venues on and around campus, and encourage all of you to check us out and come out to show!

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