Assignment 0 – Ezra Pak-Harvey

Hi, my name is Ezra Pak-Harvey and I am a senior chemistry major in the school of Arts and Sciences. I grew up playing mostly classical violin repertoire and have been performing with orchestras and as a soloist for 12 years. After coming to Cornell, I joined the Chamber Orchestra and also continued to take lessons with the violin professor, Ariana Kim. Although I grew up mostly playing classical music, I’ve always had an interest in music production and the techniques and programs used to create much of the “popular” music today. Throughout high school I did a little bit of work with Reason and Logic, but unfortunately I have largely forgotten how to produce music. I hope to incorporate things I have learned through my classical training into my works throughout the semester, as well as broaden my creative horizons when it comes to playing the violin. As for collaboration, I would be thrilled to work on a project with someone!

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