Assignment 0: David Burgstahler

Hi, my name is David and I am a sophomore studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. I grew up taking piano and cello lessons and performing classical music, both solo and in chamber groups.  A little over year ago, I decided to stop performing and begin producing my own electronic music. So far, I have developed some basic mixing skills in Logic Pro, and I have some experience with sound design using synthesizers such as Sylenth1 and Massive. Additionally, I helped write and mix a song as part of the Cornell Audio Engineering Society last semester. In this course, I hope to continue to refine my skills and learn new techniques that I can apply to my productions.

Musically, I am interested in elements of both modern electronic dance music as well as 90s electronica, and my goal has been to integrate aspects from these areas into my music. Some music I made earlier this year can be found here, and I currently have more projects in the works. I am open to collaborating with others and am excited to hear the other musical styles that people bring to the class.

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