Assignment 0: Joshua Kaplan

Hi all! I’m Josh. I play piano and ukulele, and also like singing acapella (though I haven’t done that in a while). I’ve done a bit of computer music before and I was part of an electroacoustic ensemble in high school. I like interesting instruments, polychromatic music, unusual time signatures, and orchestral music. Also, I’m playing D&D at the moment, and my character wants to be an idol, so I’m trying to write some songs for her. I’d like to get better at writing melodies and adding texture to my music.

4 Thoughts on “Assignment 0: Joshua Kaplan

  1. Oh whoops, I also like music from videogames.

  2. Also, I’m inspired by people who perform live electronic music in interesting ways (Imogen Heap, Chagall, Neon Vines, Claudio). I’m interested in trying some live looping stuff.

  3. haha hi josh!! I LOVE the d&d idol music ideal, that ruuuules! I have some friends who’ve written tabletop games built around making music as a central mechanic – id love to share them if that sounds like smth you’d be interested in checking out 😀

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