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Thank you all for telling this story with us! It was a lot of fun! Here’s an image of the story flowchart (small green numbers are the poll numbers). The darker in color a box is, the darker that path was. If you want a higher quality version, you can access it at the link here:

Collaboration on final project

Is anyone interested in collaborating on the final project? I’m interested in making something that takes advantage of the online / streaming nature of the performance, perhaps letting everyone contribute live or trigger clips or something. (Maybe something inspired by the type of performance of In C?)

Free Ableton Live Lite

Hi all,

It looks like Ableton Live Lite is free if you make a (free) account on Splice.


Assignment 0: Joshua Kaplan

Hi all! I’m Josh. I play piano and ukulele, and also like singing acapella (though I haven’t done that in a while). I’ve done a bit of computer music before and I was part of an electroacoustic ensemble in high school. I like interesting instruments, polychromatic music, unusual time signatures, and orchestral music. Also, I’m playing D&D at the moment, and my character wants to be an idol, so I’m trying to write some songs for her. I’d like to get better at writing melodies and adding texture to my music.

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