Assignment 3: Melissa Gao

I listened to and analyzed one of my favorite songs, Paris in the Rain. It’s about the euphoric feelings of being young, in love and spontaneous in a foreign city. It’s a chill, vibey pop song off Lauv’s debut album, which is about the progression of someone falling into, being in and falling out of a relationship. The song is the epitome of his slower, stripped-down, electro-pop style. Lauv is an up-and-coming indie artist and songwriter who you might recognize as the guy who sang “I Like Me Better”. I like his music because it’s somehow relaxed, hype and emotional at the same time. I would recommend his collab with blackbear, “if i were u”, “Make It Right” with BTS, and “Feelings” for further listening.

Lauv also released a short video explaining how he made Paris in the Rain. I think it’s interesting to hear an artist talk about their creative process and how the song came together.

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