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Assignment 3: Melissa Gao

I listened to and analyzed one of my favorite songs, Paris in the Rain. It’s about the euphoric feelings of being young, in love and spontaneous in a foreign city. It’s a chill, vibey pop song off Lauv’s debut album, which is about the progression of someone falling into, being in and falling out of a relationship. The song is the epitome of his slower, stripped-down, electro-pop style. Lauv is an up-and-coming indie artist and songwriter who you might recognize as the guy who sang “I Like Me Better”. I like his music because it’s somehow relaxed, hype and emotional at the same time. I would recommend his collab with blackbear, “if i were u”, “Make It Right” with BTS, and “Feelings” for further listening.

Lauv also released a short video explaining how he made Paris in the Rain. I think it’s interesting to hear an artist talk about their creative process and how the song came together.

Assignment 0: Melissa Gao

Hi, everyone! I’m a senior ILRie minoring in psychology and music. I love singing and have been singing in school choirs for 12 years, with this being my fourth year in the CU Chorus (lifetime alto 2, secret mezzo). I also discovered a cappella in college and am musical director of Hearsay A Cappella, who I’ve arranged a few songs for. Way back when, I also took 8 years of private piano lessons and played 5 years of violin in school. I soon realized that I liked singing more than instruments, and now only occasionally play piano to accompany my singing. I also love listening to and discovering new music, though I mainly listen to pop, pop rock and R&B. My current favorite artists are Lauv, Ruel and Day6.

I’m really excited about this class because I want to learn more about the digitized world of music, since I’ve been so focused on singing. I’m also very interested in learning about music production, after being inspired from recently recording an album with Hearsay. And as I hope to write/arrange my own songs someday, I’m looking forward to creating my own compositions and stretching my creativity in a new way. I’m open to collaborations and/or singing for other people! Can’t wait to see the music everyone creates.


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