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Thursday meetings reminder

This Thursday, October 1st, our lab session will meet in Lincoln Hall B27. Next Thursday will be in Lincoln Hall B21 as sections, time to share your first semester projects with each other. – KE

Assignment #3 details now live

Assignment #3 is now officially online, as discussed and previewed on Tuesday in lecture (#1, analyzing a song you like) and practiced in labs (#2, re-mixing from existing song “stems”).

Samples from NASA’s Voyager online

Samples from the Voyager Spacecraft’s Golden Record (launched from earth in 1997), containing dozens of Earth sounds and greetings (as well as music) is now available on Sound Cloud:


The collection was originally curated by Cornell’s own Carl Sagan. Enjoy!

Some materials from today’s lecture

You will note the video I posted of the Varese, below. In addition, I welcome you to listen to several other historical works mentioned today in our lecture on musique concrète, elektronische musik, and the unification or rejection of these idea(l)s in later works, such as Verese’s Poem…

Represented below are 1). Pierre Schaeffer’s earliest example of musique concrète, the first piece from his Cinq études de bruits (“Five noise studies”),1948, titled Étude aux chemins de fer (“Railway Study), 2.) An example of Elektronische Musik by Karlheinz Stockhausen, his own “Study I” from 1953, and 3) Stockhausen’s later “classic” work, Gesang der Jünglinge (literally “Song of the Youths”), 1956, his setting of the Biblical story in The Book of Daniel where Nebuchadnezzar throws Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego into a fiery furnace but they are miraculously unharmed.


Items from today and some for next week

The complete audible discography of Edouard Leon Scott de Martinville, the world’s first recording artist, and French inventor of the Phonautograph.

And on the topic of “What is Music?” some listening for your consideration. I encourage you to explore the history and context of this piece (some names and terms to get you started: Le Corbusier, Iannis Xenakis, Philips Pavilion, Brussels World Fair, “Space Measured in Seconds”, musique concrète).

Edgar Varèse’s “Poem Electronique”.

User accounts can now be added

Please click on “Login” above and follow links to create a new user account. Please remember to use your address so I can identify valid accounts.

Once you’ve been added, please see Assignment 0.

Concert Order

Ernes Woyee, Matthew Williams — ONGOING, UNDER LOBBY
Jasmine Edison
Cameron Niazi
Hanbyul Seo
Julia Klein, Ian Hoffman, Riley Owens
Shane Moore

INTERMISSION — Henry Chuang (piece near studios)

Brendan Sanok, Mihir Chauhan, Laura Furman
Kevin Nielsen
Aarohee Fulay
Bobby Zhou
Cassidy Molina
Charles Peng, Kristin Murray, Bella You, Mimi Lee

Rehearsal schedule, Sunday May 10th

10:00 – 10:20 –> Jasmine Edison
10:20 – 10:40 –> Cameron Niazi
10:40 – 11:00 –> Ernes Woyee, Matthew Williams
11:00 – 11 20 –> Hanbyul Seo
11:20 – 11:40 –> Julia Klein, Ian Hoffman, Riley Owens
11:40 – 12:00 –> Shane Moore

12:00 – 1:00 –> LUNCH

1:00 – 1:20 –> Kevin Nielsen
1:20 – 1:40 –> Brendan Sanok, Mihir Chauhan, Laura Furman
1:40 – 2:00 –> Aarohee
2:00 – 2:20 –> Cassidy Molina
2:20 – 2:40 –> Bobby Zhou
2:40 – 3:00 –> Charles Peng, Kristin Murray, Bella You, Mimi Lee

SuperCollider and soundfiles

Please download the attached examples, expanding into the use of sound files, MIDI, and internal recording, among other concepts.

I have added my example from class today

I have added Supercollider examples to the Assignment #4 listing, taken from today’s class, 4/28. See here, “UPDATE #2”.

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