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Concert Order

A Pravir Samtani
B Ankit Rana
Mike Sosa, Dae Gun Chung Kim, Andrew Ma
A Daniel Weiss
B Anderson Park
O Brendan Elliott
A Kaavian Shariati
B Rohan Kandel
O Charles Davis
A Cathy Hui
O Anshuman Das
B Daniel Goldfarb
O Sara Mills
Ben Stewart, DJ Singleton
O Jordan Wolkon
A Joshua Ying
O Stephanie Chang
B Henry Graney
O Jake Sanders
O Edwin Ramos-VazquezA
O Isabel Gareau
A Gabriel Bond
O Prof. Walker White
B Joe Fuentes
A Alexander Fomenkov
B Christine Zhang
A Hanna Arfine

Rehearsal times, tomorrow morning

9:40 Mike Sosa, Dae Gun Chung Kim, Andrew Ma
10:00 Anderson Park
10:10 Pravir Samtani
10:20 Ankit Rana
10:30 Dae Gun Chung Kim, Mike Sosa, Andrew Ma
10:50 Daniel Weiss
11:00 Brendan Elliott
11:10 Kaavian Shariati
11:20 Charles Davis
11:30 Prof. Walker White
11:40 Rohan Kandel
11:50 Cathy
12:00 Daniel Goldfarb
12:30 Sara Mills
12:40 Anshuman Das
12:50 Ben Stewart, DJ Singleton
1:00 Henry Graney
1:20 Jake Sanders jas2223
1:30 Stephanie Chang
1:50 Isabel Gareau
2:00 Gabriel Bond
2:10 Jordan Wolkon
2:20 Joe Fuentes

Materials from network / OSC lecture

Here are the materials from Tuesday’s lecture on networks, mobile and “ubiquitous” devices and the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol.

1. OSCulator software, a patchbay for OSC … also for bluetooth and game controllers like Wii
2. OSC in PureData, a brief tutorial, plus a basic receiver patch for OSC
–> some patches that work with TouchOSC presets can be found here.
–> my test OSC patch from class, for TouchOSC with 4 faders
3. TouchOSC — controller designed for mobile / tablets
–>plus TouchOSC Editor for layout editing, creation, and upload
4. FaceOSC for fun … see other software and projects that might interest you also



Class materials, 10/11

In C materials

Materials for Sept 13th

Sound samples for lab, 9/13.

Sounds and music from today

Pierre Schaefer’s Étude aux chemins de fer (musique concrete):

Pierre Henry’s Symphony for a man alone:

Karlheinz Stockhausen, Study I (elektronische musik):

Steve Reich, Come out (rejecting concrete):

Pauline Oliveros, Deep listening band (sounds and spaces, sound and acoustics, sound and the mind):


Sound check times and performance order

Below is the concert order for tomorrow, including soundcheck times listed after. Performances start at 3pm. I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

Steven Romero — 2:20
Brady Kellum — 2:00
David Cabuenas — 1:40
Tyler Tracy and Pablo Ruiz — 1:20
Rene Jean-Baptiste — 1:00
Yihao Chen — 12:40
Amanda Trang — 12:20


Huy Le, Kai Pacheco, and Anshuman Das — Any time after 10 for setup and soundcheck
Jerry Xuan Yu Liu — 12:00
Charles Chatman — 11:40
Anna Bores — 11:20
Chris Oh
Salief Lewis 11:00

Performance order, 4/17 and 4/19

Remember that our performance will be in the larger room, Lincoln Hall B21. I will be there setting up starting at 2:40. Feel free to come early and put your files on the computer or, in the case of the first group, get setup. See you this week.

Tuesday, April 17th:

Huy, Kai, and Chris

Anshuman and Xuan Yu

David, Charles, and Salief

Thursday, April 19th:

Amanda and Yihao

Anna and Brady

Tyler and Pablo

Rene and Steven

HID for today


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