Tuesday and Thursday project #2 presentation

Below are the (randomly selected) group presentation dates and order. Again, if you have not already, please let me know what equipment you need for your performance/presentation. We are planning to present and discuss these in B20 but you are free to use another space as the project seems appropriate (another motivation for us to view the concert and installation pieces together yesterday). Let me know if I can help secure an appropriate space for your idea.

Let me know if there are any errors in the group listing below…one or two of you never wrote and so I am going on a verbal discussion.


Group 1:
– TJ Hurd
– Wesley Jung

Group 2:
– Amy Lin
– Ryan Lin
– Albert Kung

Group 3:
– Paul Devito
– Adit Arya


Group 4:
– Thomas Torng
– Christina Sun
– Emre Findik

Group 5:
– Pehuen Moure
– M. Jenae Lowe

Group 6:
– Joseph Simmons
– Miguel Palines

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