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Project 1

I was trying to limit myself in only using the MIDI instruments and create a cliche pop song. Ends up much more difficult than I thought and I kind of regret not adding any voice or audio in it to make it less boring. Please give me comments/critique/suggestions! Thanks~

Assignment 0: Boyang Ding

Hi I am Boyang~ I am a physics major with a music minor. I have been always addicted to mesmerizing melodies in songs, and I am growing more and more interested in exploring songs around the world of different genres and styles these years. It is just amazing that there is so much variety in producing and recording music, and I am really looking forward to explore and create our own together in the course! I play the violin, and was in a chamber music group for a semester here at Cornell. I also have some experience with piano and am planning on learning jazz piano this semester. Please reach out to me for collaboration!!!!!

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