Project 1

I was trying to limit myself in only using the MIDI instruments and create a cliche pop song. Ends up much more difficult than I thought and I kind of regret not adding any voice or audio in it to make it less boring. Please give me comments/critique/suggestions! Thanks~

One Thought on “Project 1

  1. eitanwolf on October 20, 2021 at 1:19 am said:

    Hi – just wanted to say I think a lot of the sounds you have in here are really cool! Like around 1:00 or so in when you have the pads shimmering around with the sound of the drum hit ping-ponging back and forth in the panning. I really loved that! If I have one suggestion it would be to try and link the two different moods and tones you have with the beginning/end and the middle – sometimes the transition felt abrupt, but I’m sure you can still do something unique and cool with it. Overall, you have something really cool here, and the note choice really caught my attention.

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