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Complete Future Garage Song – Arrival

Hi everyone! Here’s my full piece called “Arrival” with all of the vocal samples present. I also decided to record some spoken word vocals to add some context to the intro. Hope you enjoy! ~Zack

Assignment 0: Zack Bellido

I chose to listen in the entrance tunnel to my apartment complex in Ithaca. This setting possessed a certain liminal quality to it. The first thing that I noticed when walking in was the general ambience amplified by the archway’s walls. Bird song, wind, and the sound of heaters were broken up by the cars traveling up and down the hill. I felt I could hear the noise of the upcoming cars earlier than I would’ve normally, and the Doppler effect presented itself powerfully every time. People occasionally walked through, whispering incoherently to one another and never staying too long.

Assignment 0: Zachary Bellido

Hi everyone! I’m Zack, a Biological Sciences major with a concentration in genetics, genomics, and development. I enjoy listening to lots of music, especially alternative rock/hip hop, punk, metal, post-rock and electronic music like trip hop and IDM. I’ve only been playing guitar for about a year and a half, so I’m still fairly new to the instrument (but I did play saxophone in concert band up through high school so I have somewhat of a musical background). In this course I’m hoping to learn some useful skills in music production that can help me bridge my rock influences with electronica and get me on the path to start recording my own music. Generally, I am also very inspired by nature and biology, so one idea I had for a project is sampling a DNA sequence and assigning each amino acid a specific musical note. I’m very open to collaboration!

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