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Assignment 0: Brian Shi

Hey everybody! My name is Brian and I am currently a senior in the school of arts & sciences, pursuing a double major in economics and computer science. I’ve always loved listening to music of all genres and that has definitely driven my passion for wanting to learn how to produce music, and that’s why I am here enrolled in this course! I’ve never had any formal music training and I’ve never played an instrument, but I have spent some time learning about music production and composition on my own on-and-off over the past couple of years. I’m definitely not an expert in producing music though, and so that’s why I am excited to take this course to really learn more about production and music theory.

I’ve also never really finished a remix/mashup as I’ve never been truly happy with what I’ve made, but I hope this course will help me iron out some of the issues I’ve encountered and allow me to grow as an artist. In terms of my creative agenda, I hope to draw inspiration from some of my favorite genres including progressive house, rap, and indie-pop into producing remixes and mashups. I’d also love to work with others that have a similar creative agenda, but I am also happy to collaborate with those who share different perspectives as well!

Assignment 0: David Chang

Hi! My name is David Chang and I’m currently a senior majoring in Music. I play the tenor sax and I’m primarily interested in saxophone performance, jazz and digital music (video games, TV shows, movies). I’m a member of CU Winds and I take lessons within the Music Department. I enjoy improvising and covering many pop songs and video game soundtracks and I want to learn how to create background tracks. I’d love to do duets or work with others and I’m excited to be part of this class!

Assignment 0: Brett O’Connor

Hi, my name is Brett O’Connor and I am a senior at Cornell studying electrical and computer engineering.  My current interests lie within house music and I have been interested in this genre for a very long time.  In addition to this, I taught myself how to DJ and have been doing so for about a year and a half, in which I have played at various parties, primarily for my friends.  I have always been curious about producing music and when I discovered this course, I felt that I needed to take it.  In terms of my musical background, I primarily played the bass clarinet throughout high school and I also a little bit of guitar.  I am interested in learning piano, but I haven’t yet found the time to do so.  I am looking forward to everything that this course has to offer and I would love to collaborate with others throughout the process.

Assignment 0: Janie Walter

Hi everyone! My name’s Janie, and I use she/her pronouns. I’m a senior, studying Computer Science and FGSS! In terms of my musical background, I’ve been singing ever since I was little. I sing in an acappella group on campus (The Key Elements, holding virtual auditions until 9/21!) and love to make music however I can! I’ve never been able to pick up instruments very easily, but I love to play around with different apps and programs. Its the CS kid side of me! 🙂 Some of my favorite music I made in dinky phone apps! I’m mostly self taught, and never really bothered with music theory – I love to compose just by figuring out what I think sounds good. I’m really excited to take this class to get some formal education in a lot of things I’ve just sorta played around with! I’m looking forward to learning as much as I possibly can, and hopefully making some amazing music with you all along the way!

Assignment 0: Hi, I’m Rene

Hi y’all. My name is Rene.

I’m an English major and Inequality Studies minor. I come from a pretty strong musical background, but have no relevant experience in creating my own music.

In terms of instruments, I have had 9 years of formal piano lessons, and am experienced performing classical music, solo. I also have 7 years of playing clarinet in an orchestra setting.

In terms of vocal stuff, I sang in the school choir for 5 years, and was an alto in the vocal ensemble for 2 years. (I got to compete in Budapest for the latter which was really cool.)

I also did years of classical ballet, jazz, and tap dance, so I just really like music in every aspect. Performance, especially. Recently, I really like listening to and making remixes, so I hope I’ll get to try a bit of that. I also follow a lot of non-vocal artists, so I really want to make some track inspired by those. I would like to try my hand at composing and writing lyrics as well, but we’ll see!

Happy to collaborate with anyone, but here are a few disclaimers. I don’t have my clarinet with me this semester. I’m willing to learn pieces on the piano (if it’s not complicated), but I can’t do improv. I’m willing to sing but, again, I’m an alto.

Excited to be here 🙂

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