Hi, I’m Austin!

Hi everyone!

My name is Charles Jordan, but I go by my middle name Austin. I’m a senior in Arts and Sciences, and I’m double majoring in China & Asia-Pacific studies and mathematics. Growing up, I played trumpet, piano, and tenor sax, sang in various choral groups, and I studied music theory in high school. I haven’t had the opportunity to continue my involvement in music since starting at Cornell, but that’s why I’m really excited about this class– I can’t wait to get back into it!

I just returned to Cornell after spending a year and a half studying and working abroad. I was inspired to take this class after meeting a good friend in Beijing who was involved with the electronic music scene in China. I enjoyed seeing the work he did and began to experiment with music production on my own, but I’m looking forward to studying it rigorously. I’m currently interested in blending elements of traditional Chinese music with my work. I enjoy a huge range of musical genres, and I’m interested in any kind of collaboration!

Sanat Valecha

Hey everyone,

I’m Sanat, a senior Economics / Government major. I am really excited for this course. I have been playing instruments, mostly the drums, for ten years now, but never graduated to producing. Some friends of mine who had taken this course in the past recommended it to me, and I jumped at the chance to learn digital music production from the ground up.

In terms of musical interests, I listen to a lot of classic and punk rock, some jazz, some funk. I also like to listen to music from different countries, particularly Brazil, Jamaica, and Nigeria. I am very open to new music, especially when it is rhythmically complex, and can play some varied styles on the drums.

I’d be down to collaborate with anyone who wants to get a classic band set up going, or even someone who wants some live drumming on their electronic track. Let me know.


Hi everyone I’m Jane!

Hey guys, my name is Jane Kim and I’m a senior in Arts & Sciences studying Psychology and minoring in Business and Design & Environmental Analysis. I was interested in taking a hands-on class that called for creativity and so I decided to enroll in this one! I really enjoy listening to a wide variety of music genres including indie and alternative electronic music. In my free time I like attending music festivals such as Coachella and Make Music Pasadena where I get to listen to large selections of music in one convenient location.

My musical experience includes playing violin/reading sheet music and having fiddled around with Garage Band, but for the most part, I haven’t had much exposure to making digital music. I’m enthusiastic to learn, however, and to have something to show for all the hard work that we are going to put in this semester. I am excited to collaborate and to listen so let me know if you want to combine skillsets.

Hey, I’m Serim

Hey all, I am a junior biology major in A&S, also working on a music minor. I am really excited to be part of MUSIC 1421 after desperately hoping to enroll in this class for two years.

I am a classically trained pianist since I was very young. I continued playing the piano at Cornell by taking lessons in music department, joining chamber groups, and accompanying other instrumentalists/vocalists. Practicing for long hours was a very hard thing to do and I often digressed by playing familiar pop songs or movie themes on the piano by ear. I got into arranging songs with some twists and eventually composing my own music. Piano has been my only means of composing, but I hope to learn how to produce music using computers. I am also interested in integrating digital sound with the acoustic sound of the piano and other instruments. I also play chimes in the clock tower and look forward to doing something fun with these bells in future projects.

I have very little background in tech-related stuff. I have used Logic and Reaper only to take advantage of the sound of the vst pianos to record my arrangements. I remember struggling so much trying to install a new piano vst I bought because I was mindlessly following instructions written by other people on the website, without understating the principles behind it. I hope this class will help me get to know these tools better and look forward to creating something unique with other people in this class!

Hey, I’m Curran

Hey guys! My name is Curran and I’m a junior majoring in Electrical Computer Engineering with a minor in music and business.

Instrument wise I’m a drummer, but I can play basic guitar and piano. I play for three different groups on campus: a jazz combo/big band, a blues rock band, and a rnb/funk/soul band called After 6. Last year I got interested in recording some youtube covers, so I got a group together and tried to learn about recording on my own. We only ended up recording one cover (which you can check out here if you want) but I learned a lot in the process.

I’m very excited about this class because we get to learn about recording and combining many different techniques to create music. Also, this class seems to be a good combination of my major and music.

I’d be down to collaborate with anyone, so feel free to hit me up!

Hi! I’m Ethan Fuld

Hello all! My name is Ethan Fuld and I am a senior studying information science in the school of arts and sciences. I have been singing in choirs since the first grade and have been singing in musicals since the sixth. I currently sing with my a cappella group, the Class Notes, and occasionally partake in musicals in Risley where I am an RA.

Excited for this class!

David here!

Hello! I’m a senior computer science major in the College of Arts and Sciences. I have a, thus far, unexplored interest in music production. My musical background pretty much consists of playing percussion in my high school band, which I gave up after graduating from high school, but I’m an avid listener of contemporary / generally computer-produced music of all sorts, especially synthpop, hip hop, and R&B. I’m looking forward to this class!

Hi my name is Raushaun

Hello, my name is Raushaun Mitchell and I am a senior in the ILR School. From 4th grade all the way up to 8th grade I played the baritone horn in my school’s concert band. Beginning freshmen year I began producing instrumentals using FL Studios and from day I began learning how to use Pro Tools and Logic Pro in recording full length songs. Last semester I completed my first mixtape using the studios within the school and continue to make music to this day.

I love hip-hop music and that is pretty much what I listen to on a daily basis. However, I do enjoy music in general and appreciate good music from any genre. I am hoping to learn more advanced mixing techniques and also some of the finer details in DAW software and music software in general that I did not know prior to taking this class.

Hi i’m Peiwen

Hi, my name is Peiwen. I am a senior hotel school student.

I am very interested in all kinds of music. Most of the songs I listen to are Chinese, so I do not know about many American composers. I want to learn about the differences between Chinese and American music.

I know a little about music theory and play a little piano and guitar. But I am really not good at any of those. Because  I don’t think I can do music for living so I did not put much time in to music playing instruments. However, I still want to learn a little about how to make music in studio, especially some electronic music. I have seen people making electronic music in many fun ways, and it is so fascinating.

Coming to this class, I am very concerned about my music theory and the lack of music instrument playing skills. I will try my best in group projects hopefully I can be helpful.

Hey, I’m Eric

Hey everyone!

My name is Eric and I’m a senior PAM major currently working on a minor in Music.

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in music. I started out playing piano for a while before switching to drums as my main instrument at the beginning of high school, and I picked up guitar along the way. I currently play drums in the Cornell Jazz Ensembles program and sing in an a cappella group, so most of my free time is spent making music in one form or another. I also love to jam, so feel free to reach out. I’m taking this course to broaden my musical knowledge, as currently I have very little experience actually recording music or creating electronic music. Looking forward to the class and learning from and collaborating with everyone else as well.

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