David here!

Hello! I’m a senior computer science major in the College of Arts and Sciences. I have a, thus far, unexplored interest in music production. My musical background pretty much consists of playing percussion in my high school band, which I gave up after graduating from high school, but I’m an avid listener of contemporary / generally computer-produced music of all sorts, especially synthpop, hip hop, and R&B. I’m looking forward to this class!

Hi my name is Raushaun

Hello, my name is Raushaun Mitchell and I am a senior in the ILR School. From 4th grade all the way up to 8th grade I played the baritone horn in my school’s concert band. Beginning freshmen year I began producing instrumentals using FL Studios and from day I began learning how to use Pro Tools and Logic Pro in recording full length songs. Last semester I completed my first mixtape using the studios within the school and continue to make music to this day.

I love hip-hop music and that is pretty much what I listen to on a daily basis. However, I do enjoy music in general and appreciate good music from any genre. I am hoping to learn more advanced mixing techniques and also some of the finer details in DAW software and music software in general that I did not know prior to taking this class.

Hi i’m Peiwen

Hi, my name is Peiwen. I am a senior hotel school student.

I am very interested in all kinds of music. Most of the songs I listen to are Chinese, so I do not know about many American composers. I want to learn about the differences between Chinese and American music.

I know a little about music theory and play a little piano and guitar. But I am really not good at any of those. Because  I don’t think I can do music for living so I did not put much time in to music playing instruments. However, I still want to learn a little about how to make music in studio, especially some electronic music. I have seen people making electronic music in many fun ways, and it is so fascinating.

Coming to this class, I am very concerned about my music theory and the lack of music instrument playing skills. I will try my best in group projects hopefully I can be helpful.

Hey, I’m Eric

Hey everyone!

My name is Eric and I’m a senior PAM major currently working on a minor in Music.

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in music. I started out playing piano for a while before switching to drums as my main instrument at the beginning of high school, and I picked up guitar along the way. I currently play drums in the Cornell Jazz Ensembles program and sing in an a cappella group, so most of my free time is spent making music in one form or another. I also love to jam, so feel free to reach out. I’m taking this course to broaden my musical knowledge, as currently I have very little experience actually recording music or creating electronic music. Looking forward to the class and learning from and collaborating with everyone else as well.

Hi! I’m Carl!

Howdy everyone,

My name is Carl Pastore and I’m a senior majoring in Biological Sciences and concentrating in neurobiology and behavior.

My interest in music began when I was ten. I began playing classical guitar and participated in a classical guitar ensemble at a local university. We performed both group and solo pieces throughout the semester and finished the class with a large performance.

I’ve always been fascinated by computer music. Many of my favorite artists over the past ten years, like Trent Reznor or Ben Frost, have always amazed me with their ability to take simple sounds  and use computers to make them beautifully complex.

I’m quite nervous for this class as I am unsure of my own musical creativity, but I’m looking forward to an assuredly interesting and challenging semester of creating music!

Hey my name is Dylan

Hey guys! I’m Dylan and I am a senior in the Hotel School. My musical instrument background begins and ends with my days of playing the recorder in 4th grade unfortunately. However, I constantly consume music and have been setting up live sound for concerts for quite some time now. I have a bit of experience producing electronic based compositions for a class I took last semester called “Sounds of Protest” (worked with field recordings/samples at great lengths). I am really excited for Intro to Computer Music for many reasons. Not only will it be invigorating to have a creative outlet for my thoughts and ideas, but also I would love to learn  more about the way live sound and recording works since that is an integral part of my extracurricular experience here at school. I guess my creative agenda is one that looks to learn and grow through collaboration and explores the boundaries of sound and the overall “construct” of music, and the preconceived notions that come with that. Also, very excited to also attempt to employ some sort of visual/physical art along with the sonic elements that will inherently be at play.

I’m Nupur

Hey guys! My name is Nupur. I’m a senior majoring in biochemistry and computer science. I currently play double bass for the Cornell Symphony Orchestra and I used to play piano long ago. I’ve been intending to take a music class since my freshman year, but haven’t had a chance to fit one into my schedule until now. I love electronic music of all shapes and forms and I’m hoping to learn more about music production while getting a chance to express myself creatively. Looking forward to an awesome class!

Hi, I’m Paul

Hello, I am a sophomore studying Computer Science in the College of Engineering. Although I have set myself on a direct course to a future of laptop screens, coding, and finger cramps, I’ve decided to do my best to keep music in my life. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a composer, seeing as though everything I’ve written was before having any kind of formal instruction in music theory. Recently it’s been hard to find the time to write anything and I’m afraid I’m losing my creativity to the black hole of math courses and other work that occupies my thoughts. I’ve been playing the piano, viola, and mallet percussion for years, though I haven’t touched the latter two since high school. The last piece I wrote was for a small string ensemble back in high school, and currently I’m trying to gravitate away from traditional music, and from tonal music for that matter. I’ve recently become enthralled by Brian Eno and the far away world that is ambient music. I may or may not need to write some background music for a possible job that I’m in too deep with… so there’s that too.

I’m taking this course because I’m trying to do less thinking and more doing. I don’t know the first thing about recording music in a studio, nor do I know a great deal about music theory. But I’m hoping to learn from and collaborate with everyone else here (it is evident that we’re a pretty diverse crowd) and get my hands on some tech so I can realize some of the ideas floating through my brain. My goal for this class is to get familiar with making music in front of a computer screen, maybe get some finger cramps, meet a bunch of people with similar interests, and keep my musical side from escaping. Now all that’s left to do is get off the wait list.

hi from Jocelyn

Hi guys, my name is Jocelyn and I’m a senior Information Science major. I’ve been trying to get into this course for some time now (yay for senior status!) because I love technology and I love music. I took classical piano lessons for twelve years and picked up guitar recently on my own (just simple chords and tabs), and I enjoy singing and writing and playing music. When my parents got a Mac computer while I was in high school, I discovered the wonders of Garageband and began to record my own music. I almost went to Belmont U in Nashville for songwriting, but I decided to keep music a hobby. I’m not an expert by any means, and my recordings tend to have flaws even after days of work, but I really enjoy creatively trying to figure out what “sounds good” in a song and (more so) in a multitrack recording. I tend to gravitate towards a coffeehouse / folk feel, but I truly enjoy almost every genre.

I would love to walk away from this class with some recordings I’m really proud of, and with the knowledge necessary to effectively use music software in the future. I am open to collaborate with other creatively minded people and trade skills if possible. I’m interested in potentially having cello, flute, mandolin, banjo, … really anything as the occasion arises 🙂 So, yeah hit me up if you need a pianist, and I’m excited to start hearing everyone’s work!

I’m Jenae

Hey everyone,

I’m Jenae. I mostly play saxophone and guitar at the moment, but I like to collect and learn how to play whatever I can get my hands on, including trumpet, oud, swarsangam, may, fife, bodhran, etc etc. I’ve been interested in music and sound all of my life. My first time around in college I majored in Mechanical Engineering and minored in Jazz Performance, and spent most of my career in acoustics and noise control engineering. Now I want to get back more to my creative side and study composition. I am still interested in the technical side of things, so this course seems like a great fit for me.

From this course I’m hoping to get started in composition, learning some of the skills that can help me more easily get all of the music that’s in my head into a form that other people can work with/appreciate. I’m also hoping to learn some tools that will let me automatically generate music. I’m very interested in the intersection between music, science, technology, and psychology, and I plan to build what I learn here into some ideas I have that would combine these fields.

As far as performance experience, I have played in concert, marching, and jazz bands at the high school and collegiate level, and have had side bands that make up music out of thin air (completely improvised), or span a wide variety of genres (such as the avant-blues-indie-funk-classical-jazz band I had in college). I’ve also performed in the Cornell Improvisation Ensemble. I’m definitely interested in collaborating with/jamming with others.

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