Yo whaddup this is MC Cynthia in the hizzy

Music has always been a big part of my life, besides the fact that I’m constantly on the prowl on Spotify and YouTube, I also create some loops on my own time, sometimes with lyrics. So if you need a female vocalist, feel free to ask me.

I used to play a bit of piano and oboe so I have a bit of a classical background. Although most of my audio producing experience has been from editing my podcast that I did last year as an independent study and from last semester in 1421.

This year, I hope to get a little crazy and just do weird stuff. I’m really into Wintergatan’s Marble Machine and the thought of creating something even on one-tenth of the scale of that thing would be incredible.

Concert’s recording

Will the recording of the concert be available to us to see? I would like to see it again!

Fried Rice Survey (for final presentation)

Concert Order

Please see below for a concert order. We will try to keep the concert moving by have all three stations (studio laptops 1 and 2 or your own computer) filled with performers at all times, one performing and the others preparing.

If you are not, for any reason, not listed here or must adjust your time on the concert (think roughly an hour per section), let me know ASAP. I have tried to accommodate all desired times, alternate studio and personal computers, and provide variety in the performance. I’m excited for the performance.

INTERMISSION 2: Sawyer Neely

Michael Downey Laptop 1
Glenna Zhang and Swetha Thiagarajan Laptop 2
Rajiv Moturu Own Computer
Steven Romero Laptop 1
Agnes Shin Laptop 2
Benjamin Kang Own Computer
George Wyand Laptop 1
INTERMISSION 1: Joel Hoover, game
Joel Hoover (performance/showcase) Own Computer
Ezra Pak-Harvey, Tyler Tracy, Justin Adelson, Adam Lefkowitz Laptop 1
Cagla Sokullu Laptop 2
Chris Worden Own Computer
Brady Kellum Laptop 1
Anna Bores Laptop 2
Huy Le Own Computer
Benjamin Kang Own Computer and Laptop1
INTERMISSION 2: Sawyer Neely
Arthur Wang, Caleb Zhu, Randy Tung Laptop 1
Matthew Gharrity Laptop 2
David Burgstahler Own Computer
Cynthia He Laptop 1
Dean Olin Laptop 2
Chris Oh Own Computer
Patrick Mosquera Laptop 1
Edward Fang Laptop 2

Project 2

Hello everyone,

I’m going to use my project 2 as starting material for the final project, but I didn’t share it in class, so I thought I’d share it here. It has a lot of room for improvement, so all feedback (negative and positive) is welcome!


Interconnectivity and network controllers

Below are several examples of the methods discussed in today’s lecture.

1. Ableton Live and Rewire:

2. MIDI loopback devices and the OSX IAC bus with Live:

– On Windows there is MIDI Yoke, part of MIDI OX

3.  Soundflower audio loopback:

4. Open Sound Control

PD patch examples from class:

11.02.2017 Afternoon Materials



Amen Breaks 


Drop Beats Here:


Studio Access

Hey everyone, does anyone know how to access the studio without an ID? Currently locked out… thanks

Useful texts for your projects

Hello 1421 People,

These links have quick and useful information about reverb and compression in the mixing process. You might find tips that may help you in your first project. Enjoy!

1.  Compression Made Easy: Demystifying Compressor Controls & Parameters

2. Using reverb like a pro 1

3. Using reverb like a pro 2

4.  Dynamic range & the loudness war


Materials for lab, 9/21/17

Please download the following items:

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