About me

Sorry for posting this so late.

Well… My name is Han and I’m from South Korea.

I am a senior majoring in economics. I’m minoring in film, music, and business.

I’m taking this class to learn how to create some music for my films that I’m working on this semester.


I’m a percussionist and a composer. I play different kinds of drums from all around the world. Looking forward to working with lots of different musicians in this class.



About Me


I’ve been really excited about this course since I first learned it was available at Cornell. I am a freshman and music production is something I seriously wish to pursue. I play piano, a little guitar, and I sing. My favorite thing to do on the piano is to improvise and create a new sounds each time I play. I’ve created a few short songs on Garageband but I hope I can learn far more in this course.

I look forward to meeting you all,

Scott Rodeo


Hi guys,

My name is Lisa and I’m currently a 4th year architecture student. Besides just wanting to take a fun class to get me out of the architecture building, I’ve secretly always wanted to create music, so I guess this is my chance to do that! My only musical background is playing the piano and taking 1 guitar lesson when I was 13.  I love Soundcloud; some of my favorites include Flume, Snakehips, and Tokimonsta. I also love jamming to gangster rap music.

about me

Hi everyone,

My name is Kwang Woo, a senior HBHS major minoring in Gerontology. I’m a violinist and a pianist  interested in composing. For the past three years, I have been involved with Therapy Thru Music(TTM), a student organization that brings music to the residents of various nursing homes. If anyone is interested in playing music for the elderly, please let me know. I’m looking forward to working with other musicians in this class.

– Kwang Woo

About Adam

Hey everyone,

My name is Adam, and I am a senior in Information Science, also working on the music minor. I am a vocalist and a percussionist, but I love to dabble in composition and arranging. I also enjoy beatboxing and candlelit dinners, often at the same time. I sang with the Glee Club and the Hangovers here at Cornell for the past 7 semesters, and I would like to encourage any singers in the class to audition for any of the choral ensembles this semester.

I would love to work with anyone interested in rhythm-oriented, dubstep-style music. I am good with computers and I have a decent ear.


about Mary

Hi everyone, I’m a senior in Environmental Engineering, and I joined this class as an outlet for my creative musical energy. I played classical piano growing up, but for the last couple years have been focusing on singing and making my first album with my band, The Mimis. Check it out if you’re interested:

I really want to start making solo electronic music, incorporating my voice, and am particularly keen to learn Ableton Live. I also enjoy collaborating with other artists, so I’m excited to meet some cool musicians through this class!



About myself

Hello everyone. My name is Suk Hyun, (you can just call me Ryan), a junior in Engineering Physics. I’ve always loved music. I play both Western and Eastern instruments, and I’m the musical director of Shimtah, Cornell’s traditional Koraen drumming group. I am so excited for this opportunity to learn computer music and I’ll look forward working with you guys.

About myself

Hey everyone!

A little late to the game but I just wanted to say that I’m really excited to work with you guys.  I have loved music for a very long time and have played alto sax and guitar for over 7 years. In addition to playing music I also like to think I’m a very good listener.  I have recently been exploring audiophile quality headphones for the past 4 years and have acquired some awesome equipment. I love all types of music and hope to create some awesome cross genre mixes!


Oh hello there!


My name is Nick Livezey, and I am a senior chemistry major with a minor in physics.  As for my previous experience in music, I was taught how to play piano for a few years as a middle school-er, but i have lost much of that ability.  I am taking this class because I have had an interest in electronic music since senior year of high school and have been closely following the popularization of ‘EDM’ through both the mainstream artists and a few more underground artists ever since.  Additionally I am an active participant in CCC (cornell concert commission) so i have very minimal exposure to the technical side of production.  I am very excited to take this course as i expect it to be quite fun and fulfilling.


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