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My name is Nick Livezey, and I am a senior chemistry major with a minor in physics.  As for my previous experience in music, I was taught how to play piano for a few years as a middle school-er, but i have lost much of that ability.  I am taking this class because I have had an interest in electronic music since senior year of high school and have been closely following the popularization of ‘EDM’ through both the mainstream artists and a few more underground artists ever since.  Additionally I am an active participant in CCC (cornell concert commission) so i have very minimal exposure to the technical side of production.  I am very excited to take this course as i expect it to be quite fun and fulfilling.


Hey All

Hey everyone. My name is Chad Lazar. I am a senior in Applied Economics and Management, concentrating in entrepreneurship, and getting a minor in music. I play saxophone and clarinet, and take private lessons here with a clarinet instructor. I have very little experience with electronic music, but was interested in learning more about it. Most of my musical focus has been on music theory and jazz, and this class seemed like a great way to expand into another genre of music. I also am very much looking forward to the composition portion of this course.


My name is Brendan Sanok and I’m a senior majoring in Communication. While I listen to a lot of electronic music, I don’t have a whole lot of experience in making electronic music. I attempted to learn how to use Ableton Live over the summer and made some pretty terrible Burial and Actress rip offs, but wouldn’t say they’re worth checking out. That being said, I enjoy a wide range of electronic styles, with some of my favorites being ambient electronic, footwork, UK garage/grime, and sample based hip hop production/plunderphonics. I’m also pretty decent at playing guitar and I’m open to any collaborations, if they arise. Overall, I’m really looking forward to this class and learning more about producing electronic music.

A little about me

Hi all,

My name is Laura – I’m a senior in the ILR school, also pursuing a minor in business. I’m taking this class out of pure interest, my only background in music is 6 years of piano from 1st to 6th grade. My passion for electronic music started in 12th grade, when one of the classic town stoners showed me the Sub Focus remix of “Hold On” by Rusko. Senior year my itunes library was a bizarre mash of indie pop, pop, and heavy dubstep. I’m surprised I did so well on my AP tests considering I was studying for them while listening to Excision and Datsik, 12th planet, and Skrillex.

Since coming to college my tastes have progressed through the entire spectrum of electronic music, and right now Trance is my favorite genre (anyone else coming to ABGT 100?). For about a year and a half, I was writing for Camelback Music, a music blog that had about 20,000 followers at the time. I wrote a series of workout playlists, and covered new releases and concerts. I have been teaching spinning classes at the Cornell Fitness centers since the beginning of sophomore year, and my goal in these classes is to bring my participants brand new music across the entire electronic spectrum. Sharing new music with people is one of my favorite things to do, so here’s what I’m listening to now:

Polygon Dust – Porter Robinson feat. Lemaitre: This is my favorite track off of his new album Worlds. 

Real Love – Rootkit: I just love the sound quality of the melody line – it’s an effect that is signature to Rootkit.

As far as the class goes – I love to work in groups, and am open to collaborating. I would particularly love to work with anyone who can play an instrument.

Studio Access delay

It seems the studio access data did not go into the doors on Friday as planned! I’m not sure what happened but it cannot be corrected until Monday morning (Labor Day!!) Tuesday Morning. I have updated the due date for Assignment #1, pushing it back to next Tuesday the 9th instead of this Thursday the 2nd.

My apologies for the delay!

Professor Ernste

Key card access to studios?

Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone else has tried and failed to get into the studios with their key cards since yesterday, or if it’s just me. I’ve tried yesterday and today and couldnt get in either time.

Hello All

Hi all,

I’m Henry, fourth year architect. I played flute throughout highschool and violin in elementary school. I’m interested in learning a medium with which creation can be on-the-go. I love many different kinds of music, currently focused on classical and soundtracks. I have never created my own music as of yet and am very interested in experimenting with the endless possibilities provided by technology. I really wish I could sing and play the piano but haven’t had the chance to take classes, though will be glad to learn if anyone’s willing to teach. I’d be happy to work with people to further knowledge and expertise in the field of music.


My name is Jennifer Lim. I am a sophomore and currently undecided so I am taking a bunch of different classes to see what my interests are. I have played the piano and cello ever since I was young and would like to learn more instruments in the future. I am taking this class because I really want to learn how to produce digital music and know how to use the different softwares. I am very excited and look forward to this class!


Hey everyone I’m Luka. I’m a senior majoring in Biology. Background in music is pretty typical.  I was classically trained and then moved into jazz for the piano and played sax sporadically through high school. I’ve recently begun venturing into more electronic styles of music. I’m a big fan of stuff like Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin, Venetian snares, Prefuse 73, etc. I’ve done a little bit of stuff on Ableton but hardly enough to say I know anything. Pretty excited to see where the semester goes.

Hi everyone

My name is Lily. I am a senior majoring Information Science and minoring Music. I’ve been playing classical piano for more than ten years. I started ukulele and acoustic guitar in college and I’m in the Cornell Ukulele Club. I’m not very familiar with digital music but I really want to learn about it. All the music classes I’ve taken here are more performance and theory based. I’m taking this class and Jazz Piano this semester, which both require producing music using musical knowledge and creativity. I am really excited. I’m looking forward to learning more about digital music, working together with talented people, and creating some digital music works of my own.

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