My name is Matthew Williams and I am a senior in CALS studying Development Sociology. I have an interest in creating music and that is what drew me in to this class. My creative agenda is to make a song or two this semester. I have written some songs and had them come to life with the help of a few singers and a pianist, but I have never recorded anything.  I am interested in all types of music and I am excited to have a space to learn more about production and electronic music. I have been trying to teach my self to play the acoustic guitar, I enjoy freestyle rapping, and I am open to work with people.


Hi everyone,

My name is Cassidy Molina. I am a senior English major, concentrating in creative writing and minoring in Spanish Language and Anthropology. I’ve been playing the piano since I was a kid, and singing forever. On campus, I’m the Musical Director of The Key Elements, a co-ed rock a cappella group. I really enjoy singing with a group and arranging our music, but I am taking this class so that I can work more on my own work. I’ve written a lot on my own but I’ve never had a means of creating all of the sound that I wanted to, so hopefully I’ll be able to explore different styles and tools this semester. I have minimal experience with some of the software, but I’m excited to finally have access to these kinds of programs. I look forward to getting you know you all and hearing your work!

Hey everyone,

I’m Riley Owens, a sophomore in Arts and Sciences. I’m taking this class because I love music and I’m trying to create a new course of study here at Cornell that involves computer music and technology. I’m a huge fan of pioneers like Brian Eno and guys on the leading edge such as Jon Hopkins. I really like to blend the sounds of synthesizers with typical music setups in a similar way to Coldplay and The 1975. In addition, I’m interested in learning to create really glitchy sounds that make up tracks from Jon Hopkins’ albums, but also the more ambient pad like sounds from his earlier work and the work of Brian Eno. I’m primarily a guitar player and singer, and my favorite musician of all time is John Mayer. I like playing blues, and rock guitar, and I’m a complete gear maniac. My dorm is packed full of guitars and midi controllers and a few pedalboards. I can’t wait to learn more in this class, and if you have similar interests let’s collaborate!

hi there

i’m david, one of the TA’s for this course. as i mentioned on tuesday, i’m a pianist and have worked especially in the fields of new and experimental music, grounded in the classical and post-classical (can we say that yet?) traditions. however, i’ve always been musically omnivorous and am a big fan of artists from across a pretty huge spectrum–  everything from electroclash to bounce to classic delta blues, etc. i’ve had the good fortune of being involved with some pretty interesting projects involving electronic/digital/computer music over the years, but am sure that i will learn a lot along with everyone over the semester with this course. here is a performance from last year of a work by a really interesting composer/artist/sound artist named tristan perich for three toy pianos and three channels of one-bit tones that i was a part of for the UNPLAY festival in nyc.


tristan will be here in november for a residency, so if you find his work interesting let me know and i’ll keep you posted about his visit.  looking forward!


My name is Shelby and I am a senior in Civil Engineering.  I learned how to play the piano for about 5 years in elementary and middle school, but since then have lost a lot of what I learned.  When I have time in the future I would love to relearn how to play the piano and also learn the guitar.  I’ve always had a love for music and my playlists are composed of all different genres (movie soundtracks to top 40 to techno).  So even though I’m an Engineer and don’t have much background in this subject, I’m really excited about learning how to compose and mix my own music.  I’m also interested in working with others!!

Hi everyone! My name is Aarohee Fulay and I am a senior majoring in biology and psychology.  I played the piano for six years, violin for ten, and have had vocal training as well.  I am minoring in music and have recently gotten interested in music production. Since I am just getting started, I’m taking this class to learn more about different production and mixing techniques. If anyone else produces, I would love to hear their tracks as well as receive any tips they may have! I’m attaching one of my first compositions if anyone would like to listen.

Hey everybody!

Hi guys! My name is Skyler Gray, and I am a junior studying Engineering Physics. I have been an avid musician all of my life as a percussionist and pianist, writing and performing in all types of groups, from jazz to indie rock. As an engineering major, I am highly interested in learning more about electronically produced and synthesized music, something I love listening to but am not very well versed in at all. I certainly am in this class hungering for a new source of creativity, as both an engineer and musician.

P.s. If anyone is looking to make some music outside of class, especially if you are seeking a drummer, I’m your guy.

Can’t wait to read everyone else’s posts!

Hi All! My name is Joseph Schertzer, I am a senior Human Development with a premed focus. I was classically trained on the Piano, and then moved on to rock, jazz, and middle-eastern/Israeli music. In addition to Piano, I dabble on the guitar and bass. In high school, I participated in several Musicals and performed extensively with my school band. At Cornell, I perform music with a band at a local synagogue for many celebrations throughout the year, and am very open to new projects and bands.

Generally, I rely much more on my ear and experimentation to produce and perform music, so I believe this course is right up my alley!
From a young age, I was always fascinated by different types of sounds, rhythms, and music I could make using natural sounds.  I am very excited to take this course I will be able to approach music from a very different angle.

Why Am I Here?

Hi all, my name is Jamie Winebrake and I’m a senior in CALS studying Biology with a minor in Business and medical-related aspirations. I grew up playing the piano and dabbling in guitar and various percussion instruments, but during the past few years I’ve shifted my focus to music production on my laptop using FL Studio: first “mashups,” then mostly hip-hop instrumentals as that’s where most of musical interest lies these days. I lack any real training in music production and have learned what I presently know only through experimenting with the software; that being said I’m excited to familiarize myself with the underlying lessons that Professor Ernste mentioned in class because I think they will really help me improve my skills in what has become one of my favorite hobbies.

If you have some time to kill and are interested in hearing any of my past projects, feel free to check out my soundcloud page and leave some feedback (

Looking forward to getting to know you all in the coming semester!


Hi, my name is Michelle and am a senior in Environmental Engineering.  My grandma was a music teacher and gave me piano lessons when I was younger for 5 or 6 years.  I also played the trumpet in high school, so I have musical experience, but absolutely nothing in terms of electronic music. I am super pumped to learn about it though, and hope to be able to create a project half as good as the ones we were shown on the first day!  😀

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