Daniel Weiss — Music 1421 Assignment 0

Hi! I’m Daniel Weiss from Washington DC.

I was first introduced to music in first grade when I began playing the piano. I took lessons though elementary school and then joined my middle school band as a keyboardist, where for three years I preformed at school concerts and local events. In eighth grade I began making loops and hip hop beats using GarageBand and then later upgraded to Logic Pro where throughout high school I would mess around with the software and sometimes create cool sounds.


I enrolled in Music 1421 because I felt as if I knew how to use the basic features of digital music programs, but never properly learned how to create new and unique sounds. I was looking to turn my shaky hobby of music production into a more polished skill. Additionally since I am no longer taking piano or in a band, I enrolled in this course because I wanted to continue my music education. Also I listen to music for hours every day and recognize the true power that comes with being a talented composer and producer.

Sound check times and performance order

Below is the concert order for tomorrow, including soundcheck times listed after. Performances start at 3pm. I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

Steven Romero — 2:20
Brady Kellum — 2:00
David Cabuenas — 1:40
Tyler Tracy and Pablo Ruiz — 1:20
Rene Jean-Baptiste — 1:00
Yihao Chen — 12:40
Amanda Trang — 12:20


Huy Le, Kai Pacheco, and Anshuman Das — Any time after 10 for setup and soundcheck
Jerry Xuan Yu Liu — 12:00
Charles Chatman — 11:40
Anna Bores — 11:20
Chris Oh
Salief Lewis 11:00

Looking for a Final Project Partner

Hi everyone!  This is Anna (the person that sings for all of her projects) and I’m looking for a final project partner.  I’m looking for a more tech/computer-inclined person since I exist more on the purely music side of things.  I want to write an original song (would definitely be down to collaborate on this with a partner!) and I also thought it would be cool to have colored lights that go off in response to different parts of the song.  So the performance would really have a pop concert feel.  If this sounds appealing to anyone let me know!

Face Tracking Application

I can’t remember who used this tech in their performance, but what is the name of the application that maps to your face and allows you to adjust certain parameters through your expressions?

Performance order, 4/17 and 4/19

Remember that our performance will be in the larger room, Lincoln Hall B21. I will be there setting up starting at 2:40. Feel free to come early and put your files on the computer or, in the case of the first group, get setup. See you this week.

Tuesday, April 17th:

Huy, Kai, and Chris

Anshuman and Xuan Yu

David, Charles, and Salief

Thursday, April 19th:

Amanda and Yihao

Anna and Brady

Tyler and Pablo

Rene and Steven

HID for today


Some listening and exploration from yesterday

Brin Eno’s “ambient” / “generative” piece, Music for Airports (40th Anniversary yesterday):

Algorithmic composition with PD and Max, including patches (visible or in links):

Ambient Pd Composition

–> also:

Sonification examples:

Weather data:

Stock market data:

Live coding with PD and Tidal:

Live coding with PD and Gem (video / image processing):

PD and Gem (or Processing, another free video / graphics software from MIT):

A general tutorial for Gem, building a simple patch for mixing two video files, can be found here:

Anyone need a partner?

Hey, I’m Kai. I’m still looking for a group for project 2 in MUSIC 2421. Hit me up at if you are looking for a partner or a third. I have no particular preference and I’m down to do anything, I’m also free most of the day on weekdays to meet.



Looking for partner – Project 2

Hi everyone, it is Huy. I am looking for potential partner for project 2.

My main forte is graphics, so I am looking to use pd as either a signal sorting program, or use GEM to visualize signals. If you are looking for interesting audio-visual interactions for your piece, hit me up.

I would also be on campus during Spring Break, if that is going to matter to you.

Arrays and soundfiles

Below are some patches from today’s session.

1.) Arrays as indexed storage containers for values. Use the slider to scrub through the arrays and see the values. Or hit the green “toggle” to start the metronome and counter.
–> We used this patch in class to send MIDI notes to Live.


2.) Arrays can be used to load soundfiles using [soundfiler]. As before, they are simply storing numbers, here the individual samples / amplitude values of the loaded soundfile.
–> This patch contains multiple methods for playing the array / soundfile, starting with [tabplay~], which simply plays the array from beginning to end (or with a message telling it to start at a sample and play for a number of samples. The [line~] player in the lower right is similar, using a line / ramp to read through the array.
–> Be sure to turn up the volume on whichever part of the patch you are playing with
–> The last player, “loopplayer” uses a [phasor~] or sawtooth wave to read through the array. We discussed this in class.


3.) I showed several examples of ways of using arrays, including a “Beat Slicer”, cutting the file into segments and then randomly playing those segments. Here are three version, one that uses a random number generator, [random], and the other two that specify the slice / segment to be played using either another array (amen_sequencer/”MAIN-MIDIarray.pd”) OR a set of Radio buttons (amen_sequencer/”MAIN-radiobuttons.pd”).



For those of you looking for more information, here are a number of useful resources. The first is the PD help browser, found in the “Help” menu within the application. The second (very useful!!) is the PD FLOSS Manual, found here. The third is a set of very thorough tutorials by Alexandre Porres, found here. And the last is this video series on YouTube by Dr. Rafael Hernandez.

A help file specifically for arrays can be found in the FLOSS Manual here. In the video series, here is discussion of arrays.

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