Sara Mills- Assignment 0

Hey all! I’m Sara- and I’m a freshman in Arts and Sciences hoping to double major in Government and Music. I’ve been singing my whole life and got my first recording microphone in Freshman year of high school. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with music production and teach myself how to produce my own songs with the limited equipment I have. I bought a Helicon looper which has been an absolute dream in producing and I love to sit in my dorm/at home and record! I play piano and have a Fender Rhodes that I miss from home. I sang in a choir and as a soloist in high school and planned on applying to music schools for production before becoming infatuated with the Cornell campus. I plan on pursuing music production here as well as at Ithaca College as an upperclassman and am grateful for the opportunity to learn music production techniques in a class setting.  

I love to preform live with my music equipment- especially with another musician, so I’d love to collaborate with any of you. Can’t wait to start and to see all the creative content you guys produce!

Gabriel Bond – Assignment 0

My name is Gabriel Bond and I’m an economics major pursuing a music minor. In high school, I was given the opportunity to major in music/audio technology which is what lead me here.

I’ve played guitar and the electric bass for the past 8 years and regularly perform with a band called Rest Ashore ( I like to think my taste in music is pretty eclectic, but I would definitely have to call myself a math rock fan (feel free to ask me for examples).

I’ve taken the Sound Design class at Cornell, which in tandem with my experience in high school has left me somewhat versed in pro tools, and I hope to build on my production and audio technology foundations in this class so that I can incorporate a musical vocabulary beyond that of a traditional rock band in the music I create. Playing with the free improv ensemble at Cornell has piqued my interest in breaking out of the conventions most indie/rock artists seem largely confined to. I am, of course, open to collaboration!

I also am the president of Fanclub Collective, a student organization that brings local and out-of-town acts to largely DIY concert venues on and around campus, and encourage all of you to check us out and come out to show!

Ankit Rana – Assignment 0

Hello! My name is Ankit and I am a senior biology major. I played piano for many years when I was younger, but I stopped mid-high school so I no longer remember too much. I also used to play violin and guitar, although neither lasted too long. Now, I mainly listen to electronic and hip hop music, although classical is also an old favorite. For some reason, EDM and hip hop seem to speak to me; while so many others bash these genres for being “silly,” they just make sense to my ear. I find it incredible how these genres can make me (and others) feel all types of emotions – sometimes even without any lyrics! – and I hope to explore that with my own projects. Currently, my favorite artists include Kendrick Lamar, Dillon Francis, and What So Not, although there are WAY too many to name! I love listening to artists as they change their style and tone overtime, exploring new genres. Similarly, I hope to use this class to explore my own creative interests too, and begin to develop a personal “sound”. This class offers me a little escape from the rest of my STEM-heavy schedule, while allowing me to pursue a hobby that I would love to continue in the future. With a strong interest in (but no experience with) DJing, producing with software, and DIY hardware, I am very excited to learn more in this class! I would love to collaborate with others, particularly anyone with vocal or saxophone-playing abilities. See you all in class! 🙂

Regina Mun – Assignment 0

Hey guys, my name is Regina. I’m a senior in FSAD. I have a fashion show coming up in the spring I need music for but I don’t know where to begin when in comes to mixing and producing through softwares. A friend recommended this class and I was always interested in learning more about digitally produced music. In the past I played piano and cello, and lately I’ve been trying to to teach myself electric guitar. I’m excited to branch off into a different creative outlet and look forward to hear all your sounds.

Christine Zhang

Hey everyone! My name is Christine and I’m a senior biology (neurobiology) major in Arts and Sciences. I actually very rarely listen to music but I’ve always loved performing it because of how it can move an audience and engage the group I’m with. I played the piano for many years and sang in various choral groups throughout high school (especially loved jazz choir and had so much fun making unusual sounds through voice such as with Norwegian cow calls). Every since composing a piece for the piano in high school,  I have always been interested in composing music and am incredibly excited to be able to exercise that creative side in this class. Though I have no background in any of the software or in electronic music composition, I find it fascinating that disparate and unassuming sounds can be structured into music that can be so powerful, so I’m really excited to explore that. I am definitely open to collaboration.

Lejiàn – Assignment 0

Hey guys,

My name is Lejiàn and I’m originally from China. I’m an PhD student researching transportation and environment. I wrote several songs in junior school and forced all my friends to sing them to me. I’m passionate about hip pop and electronic music, and looking forward to creating truly artistic work by the end of this class. I have been writing lyrics (poems) and can’t wait to put them in beautiful songs. If you are interested in collaborating with me, please feel free to contact me.

Mike Sosa – Assignment 0 Intro

Hey everyone, I’m Mike, a senior math major from central New Jersey. I used to play the Saxophone when I was younger, and while I’ve forgotten most of what I learned, my interest in music is still here. I’m excited to take this class, because I’ve played around with electronic music software in the past, but never really did anything serious. I’m interested in a wide array of music genres ( from EDM to Indie to Hip-Hop ) and think doing a project where I could explore the relationship between music and emotion/psychology would be fun. Feel free to message me if you’d want to collaborate. Looking forward to the rest of the semester!

Danny Goldfarb – Assignment 0

Hi everyone, my name is Danny and I am a senior in Arts & Sciences studying Computer Science. I played guitar in a jazz band in high school and have been making instrumental music as a hobby for the past few years that I post on Spotify, my silly moniker is ‘steezy prime’. I listen to a lot of hip hop and electronic music and am excited to have my creative outlet be a part of my coursework this semester. I am definitely open to collaboration and am looking forward to meeting you all this semester.

Henry Graney – Assignment 0

My name is Henry Graney and I am a senior at the ILR School. I am interested in taking Music 1421 as a result of my work experiences as well as my musical preferences. I am looking to establish a base knowledge of music production so that I may pursue production as a hobby.

As a musician, I have played French Horn and sung from age 12 until recently when practice took up too much of my time. I was raised in a house of varied musical tastes which has informed my own musical appreciation. I am always looking for and appreciative of new musical expressions.

I have interned at, MoMA PS1, and Genius, and gained incredible insight into the production of live events, specifically music that heavily relies on electronics. My favorite musical performances are by DJs playing house/techno/baile/afrobeat/hip-hop. With a diverse interest in music, I am hoping to find a production sound that resonates with me and that I may expand upon in my personal time.

I am extremely excited to be a part of this class and look forward to meeting and working with my classmates.


Pravir Samtani – Assignment 0

Hi all,

My name is Pravir and I’m a senior studying Information Science with a concentration in User Experience. Outside of class I’ve served as the Administrative and Hospitality Director of the Cornell Concert Commission and I’m currently the Executive Director of the Slope Day Programming Board. I have a lot of experience on the concert production side of music, but almost no experience in making music. I played piano from ages 5-12, but never really learned much about music theory and would love to expand my knowledge on that front. I’ve always been fascinated with how songs/albums come together and am super excited to learn more about that creative process. After college I want to work in the music industry, specifically in the music streaming space, but generally anywhere that I can apply tech to the industry. I look forward to working with all of you this semester!

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