Daniel Weiss — Music 1421 Assignment 0

Hi! I’m Daniel Weiss from Washington DC.

I was first introduced to music in first grade when I began playing the piano. I took lessons though elementary school and then joined my middle school band as a keyboardist, where for three years I preformed at school concerts and local events. In eighth grade I began making loops and hip hop beats using GarageBand and then later upgraded to Logic Pro where throughout high school I would mess around with the software and sometimes create cool sounds.


I enrolled in Music 1421 because I felt as if I knew how to use the basic features of digital music programs, but never properly learned how to create new and unique sounds. I was looking to turn my shaky hobby of music production into a more polished skill. Additionally since I am no longer taking piano or in a band, I enrolled in this course because I wanted to continue my music education. Also I listen to music for hours every day and recognize the true power that comes with being a talented composer and producer.

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