Joe Fuentes Introduction

Hello, my name is Joe. I’ve been playing the piano since I was young, but really started getting into it around 4 years ago after I started learning scales and improvising off progressions I would come up with. I’ve gotten better at it since and I really enjoy coming up with sweet progressions and a nice little melody to accompany it. I’ve lately gotten really into listening to one bassa nova artist Jobim, so I suppose he influences my style a bit.

I’ve been using the DAW Studio One by Presonus for over three years. The first year messing around with it, I was doing mostly arrangements of sounds I thought were cool. Probably a year into it, I started getting into making hip hop and learning about mixing, after getting inspired listening to Nujabes’ Luv Sic project(specifically Part 3).  I started rapping as well along the line, and I feel confident in my ability to sing, or pick up another instrument as an alternative to grabbing a sample or using MIDI.

I’m excited to take this class to fill all the gaps in my knowledge, that comes from youtube and a few articles. I know that this class will make my music exponentially better, and I look forward to making great music with everyone!

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