Hi everyone,

My name is Emre Fındık and I am a senior studying Computer Science in the College of Engineering. I do a fair amount of songwriting on digital platforms, mostly in rock and related genres. I’m familiar with Cubase, ProTools and Audacity. I play a couple of instruments and sing, though I’ve not been practicing much lately due to classwork and projects. My primary instrument is the piano.

I am also completing the Game Design minor, and MUSIC 2421 was among the several elective courses I could choose from. Due to my background in music and the fact that I always wanted to transfer my skills in digital music production to performing, this course appealed to me the most.

I don’t have any clear creative vision in mind for the course yet, I hope to have an agenda as the semester progresses and I grow more familiar with what I am capable of accomplishing in this class.

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