Hey everyone,

My name’s Jenae and I’m a continuing education student. I have an associate’s in car repair, a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and a minor in jazz performance, spent most of my career doing acoustics research and noise control in the automotive and mining fields, and now I’m studying music theory and a handful of other things to help me compose music and further explore the intersection between science and sound.

I mostly play alto sax these days, although I’ve played several other instruments as well (guitar, trumpet, piano, etc.) I’ve played in small combos and at the college level I was in the jazz, marching, and concert bands at Carnegie Mellon. At Cornell I’m currently in the Steel Band and the Improvisation Ensemble, and I’ve also played with the Gamelan ensemble in the past. I have experience using Live, ProTools, and Audacity, as well as commercial engineering acoustics analysis and manipulation packages like ArtemiS, PULSE, Pimento, etc. I really like building things and making funky sounds so I expect this course to be a lot of fun!

One artist that has inspired me ever since I heard his talk in Pittsburgh is Eric Singer, who makes musical robots. You can check out his webpage here: http://www.singerbots.com/

Another cool roboticist (with a less slick webpage) is Roger Dannenberg, who you may know better as one of the inventors of Audacity: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~rbd/music/

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