Follow up to Lecture, Sept 8th 2020

I promised some follow-up information from lecture, in particular links for music to listen to and and, for those who had trouble accessing the live lecture, a message to let you know that video from this morning’s sessions is now uploading to Canvas for you to review.

Ordinarily, video from lectures and sections will be online in the “Zoom” tab area under “Cloud recordings”, but since today I had some technical issues of my own (!), I did some slight editing to the video to add a view of items I was referring to that were not visible.

See that video on Canvas in the “Files” area for the course.

Now, some links to enjoy!

My introductory, pre-lecture music from today:

Sounds from the phonoautogram, invented in 1857 by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, with first recordings (played in lecture) in the early 1860’s:

Information here at

How the sounds were “retrieved” from the paper etchings.

The phonautograph in action, video and sound test from “THEVICTROLAGUY“.

Some other music of interest, most caught in the gap between analog and digital…including a pieces by my predecessor David Borden, who worked as a composers at the Moog factory in nearby Trumansburg, NY.

Another of Laurie Spiegel, here a live improvisation with equipment from Bell Labs, analog synthesizers triggered by  computer controller:

Delia Derbyshire’s famous theme for Doctor Who:

David Borden’s “The Continuing Story of Counterpoint #9:

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