Hey, I’m Charles. I’m a third year music major with interest in performance and composition. I play drums and other percussion instruments, a bit of guitar, some piano, and recently I’ve been working on more experimental music with contact mics, feedback, and objects like electric toothbrushes and sheet metal. I’m here because I want to learn more about using DAWs for both composition and production. I’m wary of saying I’m into all types of music but I like a good variety of stuff, e. Check out my Rate Your Music for more specific info:

I have a soundcloud if you’re into bedroom dark ambient made on Audacity and poorly recorded drum ideas from five years ago:

I’m also playing a noise set today at The Cherry near Ithaca Commons at 8:30 (I’m Flose):

Sorry for all the links and self-plugs. Hope we have a good semester, I look forward to see what we learn from each other

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