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Assignment 0: Faris Aziz


As I sit comfortably in Duffield, you can imagine the multitude of sounds that you may encounter. Of course, as campus is not as busy, the sounds are similar but with less intensity. I hear the jingle of keys and the soft dinging of an elevator. There’s varying levels of voices that can be found, from soft whispers in the distance to cheerful chatter and laughter. A laptop roughly closes followed by the jingling of a backpack. Through all this, the constant footsteps pass me, like echoing taps on the hard floor. The occasional sliding of feet also can be heard. A door creaks somewhere, and another door closes. The soft yet harsh ventilation system also can be heard alongside with something that sounds like a vacuum.

Hi it’s Huy here.

Hello everyone,

I am Huy, a senior in Biology, A&S. I took 1421 last year and it was super awesome, so now here I am again.
Before 1421, I was not a serious musician but I have worked as Radio DJ for CornellRadio.com and independently, and I also organized bands and VJ back in my hometown Hanoi, Vietnam during High School. Coming in 2421 I hope to make use of new softwares and hardwares to improve my live visual techniques, while also learning how to be better with DAWs. If you are interested in visual effects that responds to your music in real time, it would be great if we could talk.

If you are interested in what I do and listen to, here are some links:
https://soundcloud.com/coolagen/tracks – I only have tracks I have done for 1421 uploaded so far.
https://www.last.fm/user/c0llagen – A tracking site of what music I been listening to.
https://www.facebook.com/pg/JexplosionCR/videos/ – The page for my radio show, and also some audio-reactive visuals I have made.

Hope to have a good time with everyone this semester.


Hey, I’m Charles. I’m a third year music major with interest in performance and composition. I play drums and other percussion instruments, a bit of guitar, some piano, and recently I’ve been working on more experimental music with contact mics, feedback, and objects like electric toothbrushes and sheet metal. I’m here because I want to learn more about using DAWs for both composition and production. I’m wary of saying I’m into all types of music but I like a good variety of stuff, e. Check out my Rate Your Music for more specific info: https://rateyourmusic.com/~frolord

I have a soundcloud if you’re into bedroom dark ambient made on Audacity and poorly recorded drum ideas from five years ago: https://soundcloud.com/charles_chatman

I’m also playing a noise set today at The Cherry near Ithaca Commons at 8:30 (I’m Flose): https://www.facebook.com/events/895695983919976/

Sorry for all the links and self-plugs. Hope we have a good semester, I look forward to see what we learn from each other

Hey, I’m Amanda

I have an old intro post from taking 1421 in 2016 somewhere on this site, but for an updated version: hey everyone, I’m a junior in electrical and computer engineering. My main thing is that I play piano, and have tried a bunch of other instruments, but only really stuck with piano. Always down to learn a new one!

I’m planning on doing the Game Design minor, so the goal is to be able to learn more about sound design and music composition with respect to that. I have some light background in piano composition, and got to test the waters a bit with 1421. Generally, I just want to have a good time and make something cool. Hit me up if you’re interested in collaborating and need a pianist/engineer!

First 2421 blog post + intro?

Hey guys, I’m Anshuman (Anshu), a student in MUSIC 2421 this semester. I didn’t take 1421 last semester, so I’m pretty new to all this music editing, but I’ve played piano for almost 18 years, so I thought it’d be cool to apply that in electronic music production. I hope to get better at Ableton and Audacity this semester to produce music in my free time.

What I’m really trying to accomplish this semester is to learn how to write my own lofi hip-hop music, so if anyone’s interested in that, hit me up for sure. I’m open to really any kind of music, but have an affinity to a jazzier style (even though I only have experience in classical music).

Asides from music, I’m a mechanical engineer with growing electronics background in embedded systems and embedded operating systems, so I hope that by the end of the semester, I can create something cool for the class. Let me know if this is something that you’d be interested in! Hope to get to know you all better!

Hello, I’m Amy

I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science–just like the two before me–and minoring in Game Design. I am also a pianist, violinist and dancer, so performing is very close to my heart, especially from the dance side of things. I’ve witnessed that in dance an artist has a far more palpable goal of impressing or evoking emotion in his or her audience . . . as evidenced by the persisting fanfare, ambition and intrigue surrounding dance culture. Whenever I performed on instrument, I always felt that the performance was intrinsically a little more personal, a little more private. I hope live electronic music performance will be a combination of both.

A lot of things interest me about this course, but one of them is the opportunity to reconnect with music in a vastly different way than my classical background permitted before. In particular, discovering ways of “looking beyond [the] intended utility [of software and hardware combinations] to our own, re-imagined purposes” resonates with me for reasons I can’t yet explain, since I have only ever played instruments the way they were traditionally intended.

I’ve done collaborations before that involved music and dance, and I hope this class is another space for me to explore that realm. Besides being a musician and dancer, I also have a clutter of other interests (assets, if you will) that include being a gamer, listening to Anamanaguchi and other random EDM artists, and trying to be proficient at using my soundboard (the smaller version of Shawn Wasabi’s).

Here’s some stuff I’ve been listening to recently:

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