Hey, I’m Serim

Hey all, I am a junior biology major in A&S, also working on a music minor. I am really excited to be part of MUSIC 1421 after desperately hoping to enroll in this class for two years.

I am a classically trained pianist since I was very young. I continued playing the piano at Cornell by taking lessons in music department, joining chamber groups, and accompanying other instrumentalists/vocalists. Practicing for long hours was a very hard thing to do and I often digressed by playing familiar pop songs or movie themes on the piano by ear. I got into arranging songs with some twists and eventually composing my own music. Piano has been my only means of composing, but I hope to learn how to produce music using computers. I am also interested in integrating digital sound with the acoustic sound of the piano and other instruments. I also play chimes in the clock tower and look forward to doing something fun with these bells in future projects.

I have very little background in tech-related stuff. I have used Logic and Reaper only to take advantage of the sound of the vst pianos to record my arrangements. I remember struggling so much trying to install a new piano vst I bought because I was mindlessly following instructions written by other people on the website, without understating the principles behind it. I hope this class will help me get to know these tools better and look forward to creating something unique with other people in this class!

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