Hi everyone I’m Jane!

Hey guys, my name is Jane Kim and I’m a senior in Arts & Sciences studying Psychology and minoring in Business and Design & Environmental Analysis. I was interested in taking a hands-on class that called for creativity and so I decided to enroll in this one! I really enjoy listening to a wide variety of music genres including indie and alternative electronic music. In my free time I like attending music festivals such as Coachella and Make Music Pasadena where I get to listen to large selections of music in one convenient location.

My musical experience includes playing violin/reading sheet music and having fiddled around with Garage Band, but for the most part, I haven’t had much exposure to making digital music. I’m enthusiastic to learn, however, and to have something to show for all the hard work that we are going to put in this semester. I am excited to collaborate and to listen so let me know if you want to combine skillsets.

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