Hi Everybody! (Intro – Jeff Wai)

Hi Guys!

My name is Jeff, and I am a senior majoring in computer science. I have always wanted to take this class since freshman year, and I have finally made it in my last semester! Just to keep things short, I guess I’m going to use bullet points…

  1. I play the piano by ear, and I used to be a member of Piannovation, Cornell Piano Society’s performance team
  2. I can also beatbox¬†and kind of drum (I “drum” especially well on Android/iOS…)
  3. I am from Hong Kong, and I can freestyle in Cantonese
  4. I currently play for the HKSA band (Hong Kong Student Association)
  5. I am interested in a wide variety of music, from EDM, Dubstep to R&B, Rap, and even Cantonese/Mandarin Pop.
  6. My main goal for the class is to learn how to produce high quality EDM! but of course I am also open to any interesting ideas throughout the semester.

I look forward to creating music with all of you soon!

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