Introductions – Austin Opatrny

Hello Everyone,

My name is Austin Opatrny. I am a senior from New York City majoring in Economics and Asian Studies in Arts & Sciences, in addition to the University Business Minor. I am finished with all required classwork, which allows me to take cool classes like this one!

I played piano (classical) and trumpet for eight years each. I continue to practice piano occasionally at Cornell – I’m fortunate enough to have a keyboard in my living room. I also have started playing around with turntables and making short mixes, but my technological expertise is…limited. My father majored in music at Yale and studied composition with Nadia Boulanger, and has had a large formative influence on my musical tastes. They’ve evolved into a very eclectic and very, very hipster mix.

I look forward to trying to recreate classic ’90s Chicago House and Garage using skills I will learn in this class. I also will probably try to make a couple trashy EDM drop-fests because why not?

Look forward to working with everyone!


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