Hi, I’m Nianze Liu

My name is Nianze Liu (Rym), a master student major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I play the clarinet and have just started to play the tin whistle and piano. And I love making music. I took this class to get a better understanding of making better quality music.

I have some recording experience for my clarinet cover previously:


I believe there’s a lot of fun stuff to learn from this class to make better music, and collaborating¬†with other fantastic peers in this class sounds definitely a great idea to achieve this goal.

One Thought on “Hi, I’m Nianze Liu

  1. CanBilir on August 27, 2016 at 10:31 AM said:

    Hi Nianze, I found your work is very interesting. I think this might give you some more ideas:


    Basically the same doubling idea that you have on piano and clarinet, you might want to focus on how the instrumental timbre used and developed as the piece flow.



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