Jon Lassman

My name is Jon Lassman, and I am a senior in the College of Engineering, majoring in Civil Engineering and possibly minoring in Music. I took piano lessons for six years, between the ages of 6 and 12, and I played trombone in my middle school and high school bands and jazz bands. I only began singing in 11th grade, but singing has by far become my greatest musical outlet of late. I have been a member of the Cornell University Glee Club and its subset a cappella group, The Hangovers, since my first semester at Cornell, and I have sung in various other ensembles on campus, including the Chamber Singers. My theoretical musical background has led me to be a section leader in the Glee Club now for two years, as well as musical director of The Hangovers.

There are several things that have drawn me toward this course. For example, I have held/currently hold positions of recording and CD manager for both the Glee Club and The Hangovers, and have had much exposure to various levels of recording expertise, microphone use, and editing/mixing. I’ve dabbled with various forms of musical composition, but have always lacked the confidence and expertise to do much with computers (other than using traditional musical notation software), so I’m excited to see the kinds of skills I’ll be able to develop through this class. I would absolutely be open to working with others, but I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to creating music.

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