Patch from today…with short “etude” included

I wanted to share the patch as we left off with it today. I added two things after you left that might be instructive:

  1. The [loadbang] object I mentioned, here turning on PD’s DSP from within the patch whenever the patch is opened. The message “pd dsp 1” tells PD to turn on DSP. “pd dsp 0” would turn it off.
  2. You will note a dark background color. This is a “Put” menu object we have not yet used, the “canvas”. It is nothing more than a blank box of color that can be resized to fit the dimensions of your patch. It has “Properties” like all other graphical objects, accessed by right-clicking its upper left corner.

Ring Modulation interface from class,¬†March 13, 2018. Note the included “etude” called “ringmod1.wav” that I made from the patch, just a quick performance using the simple means we built together.

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