Project 1

1421-Project 1-LNM35-Hockey Warmup Project

This was my attempt at resembling a warmup in a hockey arena. I made a mix of MIDI tracks. Very repetitive, with minimal distractions. I like to just have repetitive beats playing as I warmup. I added a recording of a live hockey arena in the background to make it seem like this was recorded during a hockey game. There is some panning of the hockey noises from side to side to resemble play going up and down the ice. I used this assignment to play around with a lot of the ableton effects. Advice on mixing or any other overall critiques is welcome!

One Thought on “Project 1

  1. eitanwolf on October 20, 2021 at 1:15 am said:

    This is so cool! I love the synths coming in at the higher end after a few measures of the low drum kick in the beginning. I also love your higher drums that come in a little later, and what sounds like… marimba? I can’t tell what it is but I just love how it sounds. Plus, I’m a sucker for atmospheric sounds in songs so I love that you have the hockey environmental noises. Overall, super cool!

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