Ray Li and SoundSpace opportunity

From Ray Li who visited Music 1421 with his “SoundSpace” interface:

Dear Musicians,

We are currently developing a gestural musical interface for live performance, called “SoundSpace.” Our interface consists of several motion-based musical instruments, as well as the ability to record and manipulate loops of these instruments. One of the instruments from SoundSpace is “The Aura,” of which you can see a video here: http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/2014/01/students-invent-aura-musical-instrument

SoundSpace will be showcased in a concert on Saturday, May 3rd at 7pm in Bailey Hall. We are seeking a musician to perform with the gloves at this event. We encourage all interested musicians to apply, though candidates with the following qualifications will be favored in our selection process:

1. Ability to quickly learn new instruments.
2. Ability to commit the necessary amount of practice time, esp. in the 3 weeks prior to the event.
3. Proficiency in multiple instruments, preferably including percussion, vocals, and some continuously-pitched instrument.
4. Preferably, experience with live looping

If you are interested in performing with the gloves, please send an email to RL396 AT cornell.edu by Friday, March 7th with the following:

1. A video (or two) which you believe best showcases your musicianship. If you have experience with live looping, please send an example of this.
2. A paragraph (or two) about your musical background, musical tastes (esp. electronic artists), and why you would like to perform with the gloves.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ray Li

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