Repetition and Live looping

Erik Satie’s “Vexations” for piano (video is nearly 12 hours):

Robert Fripp’s “Frippertronics” setup using two tape machines developed and used by him and Brian Eno on No Pussyfooting:

Terry Riley on his own origins in using live looping:

Terry Riley’s In C: please read the following page, which includes the interactive GUI’s I used in Lecture today:

Terry Riley’s “In C”: A Journey Through a Musical Possibility Space

Original recording from 1968:

Africa Express’s In C Mali:

In Bb, an online project following onto In C:

Steve Reich’s “Come Out”:

Pauline Oliveros’s “Bye Bye Butterfly”:

Brian Eno’s Music for Airports:

And to remind you that repetition, even literal and continuous repetition of the same materials, is nothing new … this famous aria from Henry Purcell’s 1689 Dido and Aeneas, the piece “Dido’s Lament”, uses a repeating ground bass (passacaglia), here to create as sense of growing intensity.

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