Saariaho patches, download

For students of Music 6421, here is the link to download the Saariaho patches for live performance:

– Saariaho Electronics

Note that this link changed very recently and now does contain the audio itself in the Max patches.

Here are the individual pages (including instructions and program notes) for NoaNoa and Pres:

– NoaNoa Electronics

– Près Electronics

These patches can also be found on the Desktop in B27 inside the folder, “Saariaho”.

The patches themselves are modular and will open in several windows, each a subpatch from the main patch shown in the upper left (labeled “NoaNoa” and “Près”, respectively). To start a patch, look to this main window, setting the MIDI input (if you plan to explore the MIDI device controls and the pedal), hit “init” (to reset everything and raise levels for performance), choose a stereo or quad mix (quad seems to lack the reverb, something I need to diagnose), and set pedal polarity (a pedal can be used in conjunction with the blue fader control (Berhringer BCF2000) on the main desk. There is already a pedal installed under the desk for this purpose.


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