Sara Mills- Assignment 0

Hey all! I’m Sara- and I’m a freshman in Arts and Sciences hoping to double major in Government and Music. I’ve been singing my whole life and got my first recording microphone in Freshman year of high school. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with music production and teach myself how to produce my own songs with the limited equipment I have. I bought a Helicon looper which has been an absolute dream in producing and I love to sit in my dorm/at home and record! I play piano and have a Fender Rhodes that I miss from home. I sang in a choir and as a soloist in high school and planned on applying to music schools for production before becoming infatuated with the Cornell campus. I plan on pursuing music production here as well as at Ithaca College as an upperclassman and am grateful for the opportunity to learn music production techniques in a class setting.  

I love to preform live with my music equipment- especially with another musician, so I’d love to collaborate with any of you. Can’t wait to start and to see all the creative content you guys produce!

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