Some links from today, and music to explore

Luigi Russolo’s “Art of Noise” (futurist manifesto, 1913)

Edgard Varése, Poème électronique

George Antheil, Ballet Mécanique (robotic version):

Harry Partch, composers and instrument builder:

Instruments page
Explanation of instrument design and scales
Barstow (hobo story and songs)

John Cage, 4′ 33″ (David Tudor, piano)

Alvin Lucier, composer:

I am sitting in a room
Music for Solo Performer (brain waves)
Music on a Long Thin Wire

Max Neuhaus, composer and sound artist:

Listen, info and statement (sound walk from today)
Times Square

Stephen Vitiello, “Winds After Hurricane Floyd”

Judy Dunaway (balloon artist/performer):

Reed improvisation
Piece for tenor balloon:

Tristan Perich, composer and visual/mechanical artist:

Microtonal Wall
One-bit symphony

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