SudoGlove and SudoSynth

Jeremy Blum’s SudoGlove (also SudoSynth) is “a gesture controller that can be easily interfaced with hardware or software via a wireless connection. The glove implements an array of sensors plus filtering circuitry and mathematical analysis firmware to derive state values for each sensor and transmits them to an authorized receiver. I have used the glove to drive an RC car, to synthesize music, to manipulate openGL video, to control arbitrary processing software, and to control performance lighting effects.”

The instrument and its varied applications was featured in April 2011 on the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet.

A complete summary, details of further uses, pointers to additional research and publicity, and links to code (Creative Commons License) can be found on Jeremy’s own (very thorough) page here.

A music-specific discussion of the development and application of SudoGlove/SudoSynth to performance is here.

SudoSynth demonstration:

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