SuperCollider, in-class materials

As a follow-up to our Thursday discussion and DIY workshop, we will, today, be delving further into the realm of hardware as well as software “hacking”, including several new programming languages that should be of interest to some in the class.

We will carry out one brief assignment with the last one I will show you, SuperCollider, as an initial experience with its syntax and interface with a mind toward knowing enough to peruse its examples for further discovery.

Download SuperCollider itself here.

I am also supplying several example patches to be viewed together in class. You can download these HERE.

Other pertinent links from lecture:

Arduino, open hardware “make” software and programming language for interactive projects
Circuit Bending at “Anti-theory (there are many other sites of interest!)
Tristan Perich, composer (1-bit symphony)
Supercollider code examples repository (!!!!!!!)

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