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Hello, I’m Amy

I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science–just like the two before me–and minoring in Game Design. I am also a pianist, violinist and dancer, so performing is very close to my heart, especially from the dance side of things. I’ve witnessed that in dance an artist has a far more palpable goal of impressing or evoking emotion in his or her audience . . . as evidenced by the persisting fanfare, ambition and intrigue surrounding dance culture. Whenever I performed on instrument, I always felt that the performance was intrinsically a little more personal, a little more private. I hope live electronic music performance will be a combination of both.

A lot of things interest me about this course, but one of them is the opportunity to reconnect with music in a vastly different way than my classical background permitted before. In particular, discovering ways of “looking beyond [the] intended utility [of software and hardware combinations] to our own, re-imagined purposes” resonates with me for reasons I can’t yet explain, since I have only ever played instruments the way they were traditionally intended.

I’ve done collaborations before that involved music and dance, and I hope this class is another space for me to explore that realm. Besides being a musician and dancer, I also have a clutter of other interests (assets, if you will) that include being a gamer, listening to Anamanaguchi and other random EDM artists, and trying to be proficient at using my soundboard (the smaller version of Shawn Wasabi’s).

Here’s some stuff I’ve been listening to recently:

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